Borrow our thermal image camera and check out your home!

Contacts: Tim Williamson


This FLIR C3 thermal image camera shows how hot or cold things are. It’s useful going round your home looking where cold air is coming in or places where it’s getting too hot. You’ll get most information viewing from INSIDE the house, not outside (as you might have expected.)

Check out the two buttons on the top: the smaller one on the left is the on/off button and the longer one on the right is for saving images. Also just note how the thermal image overlays the photo image (MSX) – but you don’t need to know about anything else!

  • Instructions on how to use it (including Covid advice) found here (pdf).
  • And here is a pdf (GGW Common Heat Loss Problems) with a list of things to look for in your home – and suggestions on what you could do about it.

You can borrow the camera by emailing:

It will come charged, clean and Covid-free with an easy instruction sheet! But there’s catch: you have to be a Widcombe resident!