“One small step for Widcombe, One giant leap for the World!”

Our vision is to assist as many Widcombe residents as possible to: 

  • stop burning fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions,
  • increase the use of renewable energy

Go Green Widcombe is a volunteer group.


  • BANES has declared a climate emergency, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • For BANES residents, the biggest cause of COemissions is household fuels (gas, coal and oil)
  • Widcombe mainly has older homes that are hard to make energy efficient.

Contacts: Tim Williamson

Email: ggwidcombe@gmail.com

What would YOU like to do to Go Green?

  • Borrow our thermal image camera to find where heat leaks and cold air comes in? Full instructions, and info on how to improve energy efficiency. Find more here
  • Switch to Green energy suppliers – away from fossil fuels? Here’s a quick and easy way and more info here
  • Solar PV panel installation? Invest in a local Renewable Energy Company or install your own? More info here
  • Find out about the Green Homes Grant? You need to act quickly.  Latest info here

Interested in Solar PV panels?

Two bulk buy deals available in our area for more information see GGW Flyer for Solar PV printed