“One small step for Widcombe, One giant leap for the World!”

Our vision is to assist as many Widcombe residents as possible to: 

  • stop burning fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions,
  • increase the use of renewable energy

Go Green Widcombe is a volunteer group.


  • BANES has declared a climate emergency, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • For BANES residents, the biggest cause of COemissions is household fuels (gas, coal and oil)
  • Widcombe mainly has older homes that are hard to make energy efficient.

Contacts: Tim Williamson

Email: ggwidcombe@gmail.com

What would YOU like to do to Go Green?

  • Borrow our thermal image camera to find where heat leaks and cold air comes in? Full instructions, and info on how to improve energy efficiency. Find more here
  • Switch to Green energy suppliers – away from fossil fuels? Here’s a quick and easy way and more info here
  • Solar PV panel installation? Find great opportunities and suggestions: here
  • Want know about funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures? check this: https://www.energyathome.org.uk/grants-and-support