Raison d’être

The Widcombe Association exists to foster a vibrant Widcombe Community and to preserve and enhance Widcombe and its environs.

Community Involvement

Channel for Local Opinion

We act as a channel for local opinion on Widcombe matters, and maintain a dialogue with the Council in members’ interests.

Major issues currently for the Association are the Regeneration of Widcombe Parade as the scheme to make Rossiter Road in Widcombe two-way is put in place, and, hand-in-hand with that regeneration, action on improving as far as possible pedestrian entry to Widcombe. This comes under the general banner of Improving Widcombe.

We have been engaged in the plan by Sustrans to expand the UK cycle network through the Devonshire and Combe Down tunnels.

Encourage Community Spirit

We encourage community spirit by holding social events and promoting and sponsoring Clubs and activities, including the Garden Club, The Local History Society, the Widcombe Mummers and the Widcombe Choir. The WA’s Annual Art Trail and Craft Fair are now high-profile events that attract many visitors to Widcombe.

Monitor Planning Applications

We monitor planning applications – not only local applications but also those which affect Bath as a whole. We strive not to be too ‘nimby’ in our attitudes, as we realize that there is no progress without change. However, we are determined to preserve and enhance the environment and features that give Widcombe its unique character.

We will object to planning applications where we feel these features are under threat. It is not our policy to approach applicants prior to making an objection whether the applicants are members of the Association or not, but we are happy to be consulted at the pre-application stage.

To view a particular application, click here

Energy Efficient Widcombe (EEW)

Energy Efficient Widcombe (EEW) is an arm of the Widcombe Association and aims to assist as many Widcombe residents as possible to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and identify those in fuel poverty and those at risk of early death because of cold houses.

Widcombe Social Club

We support Widcombe Social Club in its effort to revitalise and redevelop and Widcombe C of E Junior School in its campaign to extend the School hall – something which will be of great benefit to the community.

Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations (FoBRA)

We are passionate not only about Widcombe, but about our World Heritage City and its future. Our membership of the Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations (FoBRA) provides a voice for Widcombe residents on matters that affect Bath as a whole.

Support our local businesses

We are lucky to have a vibrant Widcombe Parade and local businesses under the railway arches. We want to support and encourage everyone to “shop local” to help retain our local businesses.

We are not currently operating a WA members discount scheme which was closed during then pandemic.  We will keep this under review with our business members.

WA Committee Talking Points

Each month the Widcombe Association publishes a digest of the main topics which have been discussed at the committee meeting for that month.

To read our latest Committee talking points visit the news page

WA Constitution

The WA constitution can be read by clicking here: Widcombe Association Constitution updated 28-10-2021

Upcoming Events

WA organises & support local community events throughout the year. To view upcoming events in the Widcombe area

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Latest News

WA Memberships by Numbers

The Widcombe Association is the largest Residents’ Association in Bath and an active member of the FoBRA campaigning Widcombe issues. Here are our Membership numbers (accurate at 10/2018).

WA Members

Private Households


*incl. Schools, Churches & Local Traders