Updated 25 March 2020

We have had a fabulous response to our request for volunteers and working with other residents associations and groups we have a growing network of street champions.  Many streets are actively working to support each other and the vulnerable households in their area.

If you need support or would like to volunteer please contact Hilary Furlonger, (treasurer@widcombeassociation.org.uk or 07794 922082) or Jeremy Boss (chairman@widcombeassociation.org.uk or 01225 484794)

Street groups already established include:

Alexandra Road, Beach Avenue Claverton Down, Broadway, Carlton Rd, Calton Walk, Cambridge Terrace, Caroline Buildings, Cambridge Place, Clarendon Villas, Clarendon Road, Claverton Buildings, Copseland Residents Association, Gordon Road, Greenway Lane, Hatfield Buildings, Holloway & Alton Place, Horseshoe Walk, Lyncombe Hill – Lower, Lyncombe Vale / Southville Terrace, Lyncombe Vale Road, Macauley Buildings & Propect Rd, Perrymead – Lower, Perrymead – Upper, Prior Park Buildings, Prior Park Road, Pultney Gardens, Quarry Rock Gardens Park Home, Rainbow’s End, Southcot Place, St Marks Road, St Mary’s Buildings, Tyning, Tyning End, Widcombe Crescent / Church Street, Widcombe Hill, and Woodland Grove Community Group.

16 March 2020 – Widcombe Association call for community support

We are in extraordinary times with measures that no one has witnessed in our life times.  Being good neighbours is more important than ever. There is no reason to suppose that Widcombe will be spared. We don’t know how badly but it’s not going to be pleasant, so let’s prepare. As well as following official advice there is much that we can do as a community.

The Widcombe Association Committee urge us all:

  • To look after and watch out for each other, in particular those who live alone, are elderly or infirm.
  • To agree mutual support with your neighbours, family and friends to make contact (phone or email) regularly to ensure that everyone is OK and has some personal contact especially if people have to, or choose to, self-isolate.
  • Help could include: shopping, collecting prescription, recycling and disposing of rubbish, keeping informed on latest Government advice and relevant websites or just having a chat.
  • For those locally who find themselves isolated and needing support, with no offers of help from elsewhere, then please contact Hilary Furlonger, (treasurer@widcombeassociation.org.uk or 07794 922082) or Jeremy Boss (chairman@widcombeassociation.org.uk or 01225 484794) who have very kindly volunteered to coordinate support and connect you with a street group or local volunteer.
  • We are seeking to set up a network of champions on street by street level and many residents from across Widcombe have done just that.  We have also been passed names of people who have volunteered to 3SG and BANES-based community charity (see 3sg.org.uk). If you would like to volunteer, especially from those not in the more highly at risk groups, then please contact us.  Is your street in Widcombe already doing something?  Would you be willing to be a contact person for your road or street?  Ideally we would like to have two or more people from each street in Widcombe acting as a point of contact for those in need. If you are willing and able to offer assistance over this difficult period, please get in touch with with Hilary or Jeremy.
  • We want to keep things, where possible as local as possible, directly support to people that often you know and trust already. That way we minimise the risk of scammers seeking to exploit vulnerable residents during what might well be a distressing and confusing time.

It is a time to draw together as a community and support each other.  Do please pass this email on to your local contacts, as this is something for all Widcombe residents, not just WA members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Who do I contact if I need help or know of someone who needs help?

A1 In the first instance speak to your immediate neighbours, many have volunteered to help.  If not please call either who will direct you to

Q2  I want to help who do I speak to?

A2  If there is a local street group you know about speak to them first.  If you don’t know who they are then please contact Hilary or Jeremy on the details in Q1 and they will direct you to your local street champion.