Building a Sustainable Widcombe

In 2016 a working group “Sustainable Widcombe” was convened as part of the Improving Widcombe Initiative to consider how Widcombe could be more sustainable.  The intention to identify actionable ideas that could be implemented by the community and individuals residents and businesses. The resulting report is available by clicking on the image below.

Many thanks to: Professor David Goode, Ian Gilchrist, Stewart Owen, Tim Williamson and Marie Youngman.

Call to action:

Climate change is vital for us all.  Bath & North East Somerset Council has declared a climate emergency. However, this is something where everyone can play a part.  We need to all act now, maybe in small ways, but it is not something we can just leave to the politicians.  In Widcombe we have lots of opportunities to live sustainably.

If you have further ideas on how Widcombe cab become more sustainable, please let the Widcombe Association know.