Solar PV Options

Contacts: Steve Cross


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are a way of harnessing renewable energy from the sun’s rays.  Here are 3 possible ways that you can get involved in this technology.



Update on two bulk buy schemes:

The WECA/Solar Together option closed late last year.  However, the Council are considering launching another, similar scheme later this year (possibly around September 2023).
IDDEA, a local Solar Panel installer, has been running a Solar Panel Bulk Buy Scheme for residents in Widcombe.  This was set up by Go Green Widcombe (GGW), but GGW haven’t benefitted financially in any way.   We have just learnt (May 2023) that IDDEA have gone into Administration.  So this Bulk Buy Scheme should now be considered closed.  IDDEA should have contacted any households with installations still to be completed to inform you of the situation.  Any questions should be directed to IDDEA…




Invest in Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE).  This Local Community Benefit Society has 5 large Solar Farms and 15 Large Solar Arrays on Local Schools/Community Buildings producing enough green electricity to power the equivalent of 4000 homes.  They plan to double their capacity in the coming years.  Each year, provided the power generated meets the forecast, you get an interest payment.  BWCE also donates, annually, to local projects via their Community Fund.  If interested visit



BWCE are looking to increase the number of solar arrays they’ve installed on large local buildings across B&NES (e.g. businesses, schools etc).  BWCE lease the roof space, pay for installation and sell the electricity generated to the building at competitive rates.  If you know of potential buildings that are ideally south facing, with sloping roofs and an available area of more than 280m2, then email

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