Jeremy Boss


I come from Widcombe and have lived near or in the ward for nearly all my life.  I originally joined the WA committee because of a special interest in the Abbey Cemetery where my parents are buried. I love Bath and the easy access from Widcombe to all the events going on from Rugby at…

Hilary lives in Perrymead and has been on the WA committee on two separate occasions. Last rejoining in 2017.  She is now Treasurer and also lead the team that organised the 2018 Mid Summer Party held in Widcombe Parade.

Secretary - Joint

Mary has lived in Widcombe since 1982 and was employed in the finance industry. Following retirement she has been involved in a number of voluntary activities. She is an active member of Bath Ramblers and her other interests include gardening, travelling and learning Latin.

Secretary - Joint

I am often seen walking this hound. Or cycling down Perrymead. We have lived in lovely Widcombe since 1999, my kids went to Widcombe Infants and Juniors. In a previous life I was a statistician at Experian but now I work part time as a maths teacher.

Committee Member and Chair of the Widcombe & Lyncombe History Society

Dan has lived in Widcombe for over 15 years.  He worked as a tax adviser until retiring last year. He is passionate about history and chairs the Lyncombe and Widcombe Local History Society. When he is not reading history books he enjoys cycling, watching cricket and drinking proper beer.

Main Committee and magazine editor

When Colette and her husband moved to Widcombe in September 2016, the Widcombe Magazine dropped through their letterbox and they at once felt welcomed. She was therefore delighted to be made editor of the magazine in early 2021. When she is not working on the magazine Colette writes novels or heads Bristol University where she…

Main Committee & Dolemeads Residents Group

Dolemeads Residents (Sub Group of the WA)

Rick Weatherhead a resident of Perrymead………

Ann Ashworth

Membership Secretary, Households & Businesses

When Ann isn’t working on WA membership matters or events, she enjoys singing with various choirs, including the Widcombe Choir, and participating in Pilates and fitness classes as well as being put through her paces in personal training sessions with Vibe Fitness studio in Widcombe.

Helen Peter


I have lived in Widcombe for 23 years and was a student in Bath years ago. I enjoy cycling, walking ,painting and I am passionate about improving Widcombe for everyone.

Jan Shepley

Planning & FoBRA Rep

Jan loves live performance of theatre and music, anything from jazz to opera and keeping the tourist industry busy.

Michael Wrigley

Transport, Traffic & Highways; Chair of Rossiter Rd sub-committee

Mike has lived in Widcombe for 25 years. Professional life town planning and transport planning. Interests sailing and walking. Role with the Widcombe Association: currently chairman of the Rossiter Road sub-committee and transport spokesperson.

Traders Representative

There is currently a vacancy for a representative for the Widcombe business members on the main WA committee