The Widcombe Social Club is a separate Registered Social Club with a long heritage in the Widcombe area.  It is not directly associated with the Widcombe Association but we have many members who choose to be members of both organisations.

In 2012 the old Club was demolished and a new building opened in 2016. The ‘New Club’ is a light and modern venue which still holds true to its historic roots, retaining its membership system in a more inclusive form and acting as a hub for community-run events and providing entertainment with local audiences in mind.

More information is on the Club website,

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Joining the Club

If you are not already a member of the Club but would like to join, you can join the Club for a one-off fee of £15 and thereafter it is £10 per year.

If you have any difficulties with the on-line joining process, or if you’d prefer us to send you a membership application form, please send an email to and include your phone number so we can call you.

Photos: Past & Present