Make your stay in Widcombe more rewarding! Join the Widcombe Association for a FIVER a year. It could save you hundreds!

With close proximity to Universities & higher education institutions, Students are playing an increasing role in shaping Widcombe for the better.

The Widcombe Association believe that, irrespective how short their stay, Students should feel part of the fabric that defines our local community.

  • Each Student is eligible for 1 membership card.

  • Your membership card entitles you to great discounts from some local traders

  • The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Student subscriptions, therefore, are due on the 1st January. If you join after 1st October in any year, your subscription will run through to the end of the following year.

  • You do not have to live in Widcombe to become a Student member of the Association!

Meet Ann…

Ann Ashworth

Membership Secretary, Households & Businesses

Benefits of Membership

Great local discounts for a FIVER! You don’t have to live in Widcombe!

The Widcombe Association now accepts membership applications online. Once your application has been received, Ann Ashworth our Membership Secretary for Households & Businesses, will send you a payment request. After payment you will receive your Membership card(s) in the post.

To join online CLICK HERE

Current Discounts

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