Sue Mullett is a qualified Medical Herbalist (BSc), distiller and owner of Bath Botanics ltd. After studying the history and benefits of bitters and herbal aperitifs Sue began experimenting with making her own Herbal drinks and tinctures by steeping various herbs in alcohol for their taste and medicinal benefits.

After sharing her herbal spirits with friends and family, sue realised there was a need for a locally made botanical spirit made using high quality ingredients to be enjoyed on its own and to be used as a base for her herbal creations.

Using her science background, sue taught herself to distill, and experimented with a variety of botanicals and distilling techniques. When designing the gin, Sue started with 30 recipes, after a series of blind tasting refined this down to just one, aptly named No.1 Gin.

Bath Botanical Apothecary and Distillery draws inspiration from the rich history of Aperitifs, Digestifs, Bitters and Spirits and their varying uses as medicinal drinks throughout history, resulting in a range of high quality small-batch seasonal Fruit Gins, the Botanical No. 1 Gin, Cocktail Bitters and Herbal Elixirs.

Besides spirits, sue has also created a range Organic Herbal Tea Blends and DIY kits, which include a DIY Gin Kit, DIY Lip Balm Kit and a Lavender Bath Bomb Kit to encourage customers incorperate herbal products into thier daily routines.

Our Products are always made using high quality, organic, local and seasonal ingredients where possible and all our products are free from artificial flavourings and colourings.

We use organic herbs in our Herbal Elixirs and our Herbal Tea blends.

Our No.1 Gin uses eight classic gin botanicals alongside fragrant hand-picked, local, wild grown Somerset Lime Flowers.

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